• Selma Prodanovic

    Selma Prodanovic

    In this talk, you can expect an experienced-based story about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur told by Startup-Grande-Dame Selma Prodanovic. Selma failed …Read More »
  • Michael Eisler

    Michael Eisler

    With seven company foundations and a mixture of success and failure, Michael is a “minefield of experience” in many areas. In his talk, he will …Read More »
  • Niko Alm

    Niko Alm

    Founder of Super-Fi, General Counsel of VICE CEE, Nano Business Angel Niko Alm, born in Vienna 1975, holds a master’s degree in philosophy and communication …Read More »
  • Felix Krause

    Felix Krause

    Felix will talk about how it got started with mobile app development, how he started his first companies before starting “fastlane”, which got acquired by …Read More »
  • Mario Herger

    Mario Herger

    Silicon Valley is the most innovative region in the world, with many companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Airbnb or Tesla conquering markets and …Read More »
  • Moritz Plassnig

    Moritz Plassnig

    Codeship is a startup from Vienna focused on developer tools. It was founded by three people and started out in 2011 with a simple vision: …Read More »
  • Antoinette Rhomberg

    Antoinette Rhomberg

    Founder & CEO of Werksalon Co-Making Space for Craft, Design and Art Antoinette tells her story about starting her career at a Venture Capital Fund …Read More »
  • Damian Izdebski

    Damian Izdebski

    Failure as Part of Entrepreneurship and How to Learn from it "As an entrepreneur you have to make decisions - hundreds of decisions, big and …Read More »
  • Stefan Kalteis

    Stefan Kalteis

    Learnings from 20+ Startups 123people, Payolution, Allaboutapps, Runtastic, Wikifolio, Dvel and Techbold are only a few of those companies, in whose success Stefan Kalteis is …Read More »
  • Chatri Sityodtong

    Chatri Sityodtong

    From Rags to Riches: International Experiences from a Self-Made Multimillionaire Entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong has a rags-to-riches life story: His family went through bankruptcy and at …Read More »
  • Marie-Helene Ametsreiter

    Marie-Helene Ametsreiter

    Innovation in the Corporate and the Startup World - Framework, Touchpoints & Conflicts We are in the middle of the 3rd industrial revolution. The digitalization. …Read More »
  • Bianca Gfrei

    Bianca Gfrei

    Disrupting Healthcare: How to Transform your Problem into a Business Registration is required on http://bit.ly/1Y0kx3E Find out how Bianca Gfrei started out on her mission to …Read More »
  • Stefan Ebner

    Stefan Ebner

    Start Local, Go Global: Success Factors for Expanding Your Business Internationally Registration is required on http://bit.ly/1SMc5np How are traditional IT providers and established organizations with …Read More »
  • Thomas Neubauer

    Thomas Neubauer

    In a thunderstorm even pigs can fly – a quick guide In his quick guide, Dr. Neubauer talks about a long rocky road to an …Read More »
  • Glasauer Horst

    Glasauer Horst

    IT as Business Enabler at Eurotours: How Eurotours uses IT as a strategic asset to stay ahead in the World of Travel In this informal …Read More »
  • Klausberger Katharina

    Klausberger Katharina

    Battle Field Flea Market: Learnings from a Detour to Success Katharina Klausberger, her Co-founder and a small, but extremely motivated team worked on another startup …Read More »
  • Hansmann Hansi

    Hansmann Hansi

    Angel-Startup-Relationship: From The Angel’s Perspective In this talk, Dr. Johann Hansmann, will give general insights on an angel job profile. Additionally, he will share his …Read More »
  • Gschwandtner Florian

    Gschwandtner Florian

    Hurdle Race of Runtastic - DOs, DON´Ts, do-overs & obstacles Florian Gschwandtner, CEO & co-founder of Runtastic - a world leader in mobile health & …Read More »
  • Füller Hannes

    Füller Hannes

    From the vision of a novel innovation process to the mission of HYVE. – Insights of a leading innovation agency In the year 2000 HYVE …Read More »
  • Peruzzi Thomas

    Peruzzi Thomas

    From Founder to Advisor: How managed Advisory Boards can drive Business Success Having survived all startup phases from dusk till down and built a strong …Read More »
  • Daniel Horak

    Daniel Horak

    Bring me to the money! Or: How do I finance my startup? After founding your company, you will face the challenge of financing your startup. …Read More »
  • Philipp Liegl

    Philipp Liegl

    From lab to market – will it work? In the past few years we have been working on several research projects in the area of …Read More »
  • Bernhard Schandl

    Bernhard Schandl

    Startup, startdown - Life and Learnings Building a startup in the ICT sector is challenging, but it is also great fun. In this talk, Bernhard …Read More »
  • Michael Altrichter

    Michael Altrichter

    From Founder to Business Angel & Social Investor In this talk, Michael Altrichter gives insights from his „soaring and stalling rollercoster ride of ups and …Read More »
  • Hans J. Pfisterer

    Hans J. Pfisterer

    About Hans J. Pfisterer Hans J. Pfisterer is an entrepreneur by heart. Starting his career in the travel industry 1989 he was in the founding …Read More »

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