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Shipping has never been this easy

Byrd is an first mile logistics service that allows businesses and individuals to ship their items with one click. Customers can connect their online stores directly with byrd, which allows them to easily import their order data and ship items with one click. As soon as a pickup is requested, a byrd courier will pick up the items and bring them to the byrd warehouse, where they will be packaged and shipped at the best available rate. byrd is currently available in Vienna and Berlin."


See beyond a single case. (Former: RadiologyExplorer)

Contextflow applies state of the art machine learning and semantic analysis to big medical data and identifies clinically relevant structures in medical images. It allows radiologists to mark a region of interest containing a pathological appearance in an medical image (e.g. CT or MRI) and within seconds finds visually similar cases, including their descriptions. This way radiologists for the first time can efficiently browse through the PetaBytes of existing medical image data, and also get easy access to case relevant reference information and online literature. The contextflow 3D image search engine brings the information closer to the point of care and supports radiologists, so that they can focus on diagnosing their patient images instead of wasting valuable time searching for information.

Do the experiments you never dreamed possible

Huber Scientific develops novel solutions for experimental equipment used in the fields of Electrochemistry and Solid State Ionics. These innovative setups not only enable completely new experiments, but also allow for the first time a combination of different, complementary methods.
Huber Scientific will also supply completely new designed and improved test equipment for standardized measurements, which is much easier to repair, simpler to use and much cheaper than other test stations already available on the market. Up until now, research groups worldwide had to develop and build their own measurement equipment since for many experiments no commercial setups were available. This often resulted in makeshift equipment of varying quality with no long term support.
With years of experience in designing high quality and easy to use and upkeep experimental equipment, Huber Scientific will help research groups all over the world to focus on what they are doing best: Delivering top notch science.

soniccatch exploits ultrasonic fields to exert forces on suspended particles to enhance the stability, sensitivity, specificity of industrial sensing/analytical devices

We aim on making revenue on the basis of an add-on for process analytical technology in the industrial environment. Our soniccatch exploits ultrasonic fields to exert forces on suspended particles and thus enhance the stability, sensitivity, specificity and other parameters of industrial sensing/analytical devices. It enables various – often optical – sensing schemes to be applied in-line, i.e. directly within the reaction vessel or media stream and real-time, i.e. without the need of sample taking or time-consuming preparation protocols.
The device can be applied to enhance the controlling/steering of processes in various industries reaching from pharmaceutical or biotechnological production over food/beverages and cosmetic products to oil industry and wastewater treatment. The improvement brought about by the soniccatch is targeting on the increase of product yield, product quality and efficiency.


Mining social media streams for supply chain risks

Enterprises with complex supply chain networks face a multitude of disruption risks along their entire supply chain and transportation routes. Streaminr – a data analytics startup specializing in the prediction of supply chain risks – detects such disruptions early, enabling its customers to minimize their potential impact. The Streaminr-prototype was developed by Lisa Madlberger in her PhD research at TU Wien in collaboration with University of Indonesia and Institute of Technology in Bandung. Streaminr joined the TUW I²NCUBATOR in 2016 with the goal of bringing their cutting edge AI technology for event prediction to market.


Winner of the i²c Award

Evologic is working as hub between problem focused users and technology oriented experts. By forging high tech approaches into user-friendly applications Evologic provides sustainable solutions for everyday problems of the industrial and private sector.


Winner of the i²c Award

Data regulation compliance simplified

Data-Flag is a SaaS provider which automates the reading and analysis of complex legal documents. Firms can quickly and efficiently evaluate relevant documents formatted to facilitate compliance decisions. We employ innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms which provide an analysis of electronic documents with greater speed, consistent accuracy and at a lower cost.


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