TUW i²ncubator

The tailor-made TUW i²ncubator program helps TUW scientists and students to either bring disruptive research or promising early-stage projects to market. We facilitate funding through the aws Jumpstart initiative, fundraising through our network, access to personalized trainings, mentorship, an EIR program, well-equipped work spaces and meeting rooms in our FounderSpace, as well as strong inter-/national network.

The offer is complemented with events offering the Founder & Investor Talk Series as well as an Distinguished Speaker Series feature high-profile inter-/national guest speakers permitting the audience to learn first-hand form their experiences. Our start-ups not only have the opportunity to exhibit nationally at our TUW i²c NetworkingFriday but also at European fares like CeBIT, Hannover Messe, and Nürnbergmesse.

Another valuable asset is a strong network of inter-/national founders, investors (BAs, VCs), partners in public funding, industry, science, and mentors for every aspect of support and input needed combined with human resources - bachelor and master students as well as intra- and entrepreneurial educated students coming from our own diploma supplement on innovation.

The TUW i²ncubator represents a crucial cornerstone for the development plan of an Entrepreneurial University, implementing an own ecosystem that allows tapping the full innovation potential.


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The i²c Award

The i²c Award (fathered by Birgit Hofreiter) is a 5 months scholarship granted to PhDs with a high potential research result. It’s meant to offer PhD graduates who do not any longer have a contract with TUW after finishing their PhD an opportunity to fully focus on commercialization of their research result with a basic income. This award comes with a place in the i²ncubator and thus, an office space in our FounderSpace.


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