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The Diploma Supplement on Innovation is an international curriculum providing a premium, hands-on education on intra- und entrepreneurship for bachelor/master/PhD students of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). It´s not only fostering innovative thinking but offering a solid education for entrepreneurial spirits, business developers and/or innovation managers. This additional education will not only enhance your job prospect in research and industry but also prepare you for an entrepreneurial life. Students will graduate with a Diploma Supplement on Innovation.

The Diploma Supplement on Innovation is offered in parallel to the study programs of the TU Wien. Only a limited number of students will be accepted for the curriculum, enabling them to individually apply the content learned to their specific, personal projects. Students have to apply according a pre-defined application process.


The Diploma Supplement on Innovation is designed exclusively for

  • Entrepreneurial spirits, business developers and innovation managers enrolled in a Bachelor/Master/PhD study program at TUW

  • Visionary students who are encouraged to bring their own business ideas to the program to have the most effective learning experience

  • Ingenious researchers with a clear ambition to bring their research result to market

  • Creative students who desire to work for a startup or found their own company

  • Ambitious students who are intending a corporate career path in the innovation field

  • Students aiming to expand their knowledge regarding intra-& entrepreneurship

In the Curriculum you will

  • generate and shape your own innovative idea

  • get trained in innovation management, design thinking, idea generation, business modelling, finances (national and international), legal issues (business law, intellectual property rights, patent right and research, licensing), teambuilding, leadership, conflict management, human resources, marketing, sales, PR, pitching and more

  • implement the „lessons learned” in your own project

  • have access to our inter-/national network of mentors, founders, investors, industry and science partners, i²c alumni etc.

  • be supported & coached by inter-/national ICT-affiliated Pioneers

  • work together with like-minded TUW students from different faculties

  • present your own innovative project at the end of the curriculum (at the Diploma Demo Day) to a jury of potential investors, innovation scouts and experts who you get valuable feedback from

  • get the chance to be accepted into the TUW i²nkubator where you will get individual mentorship, initial funding and a co-working space in the Founder Space to further develop your project


Facts and Details

  • Length: 2 semesters

  • Format: Part-time (It is implemented in parallel to the bachelor/master/PhD studies.)

  • Lecture dates: Mostly on evenings and weekends (Check our semester itinerary of the current semester)

  • Total workload: 30 ECTS

  • Start: October

  • Language: English

  • Attendance at lectures is mandatory (due to their interactive character)

  • Format of lectures: Input-sessions, individual and group exercises, discussions, presentations, workshops, events, excursions and outdoor seminars

  • Group size: max. 20

Alumni Statements

  • "The Diploma Supplement on Innovation offered a lot of new content that complemented my studies very well - from hands-on business model canvas creation to excursions with in-depth design thinking methodology application. The small group provided enough diversity to foster discussions while still allowing befriending the fellow students. At the time of the curriculum I was both a student as well as a startup founder - back then it provided me with a well needed "wider view" of entrepreneurial thinking. Years later I'm teaching design thinking courses at Google. I would recommend the curriculum to anyone who has an urge to create and collaborate. It might help you on the "how", the "what", the "why" and the "who".”
    Johannes Mauerer, Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumnus 2013,
    Technical Program Manager, Virtual Reality (Daydream) at Google

  • “My project to develop and implement an idea management program within a large enterprise was strongly supported and accelerated at the i²c. I enjoyed the connections to industry and innovation experts and would recommend the curriculum to ambitious pioneers - both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.”
    Milica Sundic, Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumna 2014,
    Innovation Manager at Deloitte Austria

  • "The Diploma Supplement on Innovation is the only sensible way at TU Wien to learn and practice entrepreneurship. Its combination of theory, exercises and hands-on projects was highly valuable for me - I recommend it to anybody having interest in implementing own ideas.”
    Christoph Krofitsch, Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumnus 2016,
    Co-Founder and COO of byrd technologies GmbH

  • “The Diploma Supplement on Innovation is for people who want more than day-to-day university life. It is for people who have a vision and are crazy enough to follow it.”
    Fabian Dold, Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumnus 2016,
    Junior Consultant at VIYEMA Business Consulting GmbH

  • “The main reason I got so interested in the start-up scene and entrepreneurship was the i²c Founder & Investor Talk Series as part of the Diploma Supplement on Innovation. What makes it so interesting for me is the international speakers with different backgrounds and the diverse and valuable topics they speak about. This gives you first hand insights into the scene.”
    Johannes Matiasch, Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumnus 2015,
    Innovation Manager at CAG Holding GmbH

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